Shane Siva

Managing Partner

Shane Siva is a Managing Partner of Goldbear Capital International.  Shane brings over 20 years of experience in business leadership and mergers and acquisitions from Big-4 accounting firms and GE.   Shane held roles that, in addition to finance, had direct responsibility for leading information technology, supply chain, commercial and operations. 

Shane has significant M&A leadership experience in Canada and in the United States, including work on transactions greater than US$500M.  He possesses deep post acquisition integration expertise (on more than 10 acquisitions – small to large), based on work both as external advisor and as a CFO.  Shane has developed passion for working with clients on initiatives that identify and remove obstacles and unlock opportunities that substantially increase the enterprise’s value.   He effectively deploys several proven methodologies to maximize return on our client’s investments, with specific emphasis on speed and magnitude of results.

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