We do Market Research, Lead Qualification and Opportunity Development and actually hunt for new customers for our clients. We create strategic development plans, including active sales pipeline and implementation, to build new profitable business. GoldBear takes the lead in assessing the profitability of existing products and service offerings, completing comparative competitive analysis and developing market entry strategy.


Any business owner knows that the road to success can be a bumpy one. When things are good and your company is growing fast you risk running out of capital or overstretching your management team. If a new product launch doesn’t succeed right away and losses start to mount the bank may start pulling on the reins. New competitors or market changes may force a change to your business model. You may be interested in acquiring a competitor but are unsure what financing you need to complete the transaction.


The most valuable tool in identifying the challenges facing your business, and in forming a plan to overcome them, is an integrated financial forecast. Using sophisticated financial models, we will break your business out into its constituent pieces, determine where you are making money and where you are losing it, and forecast the impact of our restructuring plan. Whether you are trying to secure new financing or increase profitability, an integrated forecast is key to understanding the problem and executing.

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